Spirituality (Ruhhaniyyat) in Islam is defined as the presence of a relationship with Allah that affects the individual’s self worth, sense of meaning, and connectedness with others. In Islam the relational quality of spirituality is understood to be a core theme that comprises beliefs (belief in Allah and His prophets, judgment day, etc.), rituals, daily living behaviours and knowledge. Similarly, in following the set of rituals and codes of Islamic religion, an individual is striving to become closer to Allah and to find personal worth and actualization. The essence of spirituality in Islam is the degree of spiritual attainment achieved by any human being by the realization of Tawhid (unity of Allah) as expressed in the Quran, on the basis of the prophetic model and with the aid of the Prophet ﷺ. Its study is nothing other than tracing the impact in depth of Tawhid upon the life, actions, art, and thought of that segment of the human race, which makes up the Islamic people or Ummah. In general, the goal of Islamic spirituality is to become adorned by the Divine Qualities through the attainment of those virtues which were possessed in their perfection by the Prophet ﷺ and with the aid of methods and the grace which issue from him and the Quranic Revelation.

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This Mosque was founded on 9th July 1998 by Mr Nehar Miah Choudhury it was 100% with his own funds. He was born on 1st January 1942 in Bangladesh at the age 23 years graduated in Bangladesh and came over to UK in 1965 with £5.00 he was working part time and was studying at the Ardley Green College in 1970 qualified as a civil Engineer.


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